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Unique Toys Mania King Messiah

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Product Description

New from Unique Toys is their take on the evil maniac leader Messiah!  Images are of prototypes. Final product and colors of Mania King may vary.  


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  • Unique Toys MANIA KING

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  1. Galvatron fans, your search is over! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2014

    "ManiaKing" is a great figure, feeling in all ways like a superior Hasbro Voyager-class release. My last major unofficial products were Faith Leader, City Commander, and Colossus, and it seems the bar has been raised higher these days. Full 5mm peg compatibility for the gun and forearms. It's not unusually posable, though the kneecaps (!) are articulated for greater leg flexibility. Very stable, with heelspurs and natural balance.

    As nearly all Hasbro and unofficial products do nowadays, he turns into what he is supposed to turn into, not a re-interpretation. This mode is clearly secondary to the robot, but that's fine with me. The robot is all I really need for posing and playing, so if I transform him it would probably be for the fun of it. This is a fantastic transformation--use the instructions the first time, don't risk breakage, but it's very intuitive despite being quite innovative. There are a couple of wow moments, and people craving "complexity" will probably find this sufficient.

    His legs really are more off-white than gray, but in person it's impossible to mind it. I suspect this design choice came from careful study of the prototypes (as opposed to photographs) because the violet, white-gray, dark gray, and orange accents form a really effective combination.

    I'm not one of these guys who needs to make the cannon all-orange again. If anything this toy is correcting what was a questionable design choice in '86. I feel like popular demand will result in UT or someone else re-releasing the cannon barrel in translucent orange, which I fully expect to be ugly as sin. YMMV. The beef I DO have with the cannon is that the inside surface really needed to be painted. I'll look out for Reprolabels for this piece for that issue alone. (Also, there is a minor QC issue of sloppy paint on the back cannon piece.)

    I have no reservations as far as durability, with one exception: shoulder ratchets are extremely tight. I'm not sure why this is so, possibly overcompensating for the modest weight of the gun.

    The sculpt is legendary. Somehow, he feels like he walked out of the current comics, while also having a few unique motifs. And, he's really the only moderately acceptable attempt at a toy of the 1986 animation design there has ever been.

    Can't complain about the price either, with the usual caveats about the nature of the "third party" industry. He is very light on accessories, but here's the thing, Galvatron has never needed anything other than his cannon. So it's apropos, and as noted he does have arm ports to MechTech him up if you wish. The hands can't grasp anything, likely for transformation and the shape of the arms, but I suspect this is also a stylistic choice a la WfC Megatron.

    I'm more accepting of the official Universe Galvatron than many are, but it's still a mediocre figure at best, and everything it does wrong, this does right. I'm also sure that we'll get an MP Galvatron before the end of the decade, but that could be a long time. Therefore, this is a recommended purchase, and also a timely one if like me you are into IDW figures. This guy couldn't have been more perfectly timed and styled to match the current Generations Dark Cybertron assortment. If you're a Galvatron fan and you have a Classics/Generations collection, this is a good get.


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