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Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-17 Carnifex


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Product Description


Being a massive butcher, he will be able to rival combiner figures such as Feral Rex. His body can split-transform to a jet and a tank, these 2 vehicle modes can also combine to form a larger spaceship.


Tanks is 26CM/10.2" long and Jet is 34.5CM/13" long.
Carnifex stands at 12"/31.5CM from head to toe and is Masterpiece scaled.
Includes one extra head, comic book and bio card.

Product Videos

Transformers Review: Mastermind Creations R-17 Carnifex // P4L Reviews (44:38)
Hey everyone, it's finally time to review the long-anticipated Mastermind Creations Carnifex (IDW Overlord). You've been waiting for this one. I've been waiting for this one. Was all the waiting worth it? Let's find out! If you're interested in a Giga and Mega set, head over to the MMC Hub and let them know: https://www.facebook.com/groups/376931142473960/?fref=nf Done watching the review and want to pick one up for yourself while supplies last? Head on over to Toy Dojo by clicking here: http://www.toydojo.com/mastermind-creations-reformatted-r-17-carnifex/ Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Paik4LifeReviews Like Toy Dojo on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toydojo Join the Dojo Disciples: https://www.facebook.com/groups/431591820361324/
  • Transformers Review: Mastermind Creations R-17 Carnifex // P4L Reviews
    Hey everyone, it's finally time to review the long-anticipated...

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  1. Mastermind Creations Carnifex AKA Overlord IDW Version 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2016

    The hits just keep on coming. Mastermind Creations recently released their own take on the most sadistic character who has a thing for tearing bots in half, Carnifex also known as Overlord. There is a lot to this figure that makes it the best version to ever come out.

    I believe this figure is supposed to scale with Masterpiece figures. When I scale him next to deluxe and leader class figures, this guy dwarfs them. Overlord or Carnifex can transform into two vehicle modes, a combined mode and a base mode. He also comes with an alternate battle damaged head where his eye is damaged. That is due to a scene in the Transformers comic Last Stand of the Wreckers where Impactor does something to him with a harpoon. This figure comes with a technical spec card an instruction booklet where if you flip it over, you will discover that it comes with a comic.

    The way Carnifex is sculpted is dead on with the comic version. Even the face is spot on with the nose and the damaged eye. The character's gun is massive compared to a leader class figure's weapon. It is as long as a deluxe figure. What makes this figure interesting is the way he transforms into his two vehicle forms. His legs come apart from the body at the hip section and are able to transform into his tank mode. With a few foldings of panels you can attach the gun which makes up the tank's turret between the two legs and there you have his gun.

    The torso is able to transform into his jet mode. It took a couple tries and I managed to do it without breaking a sweat. The shield that comes attached to the figure's arm makes up for the cockpit section of the jet. It can be tricky to transform and attach, what you do is, you separate the arms and the middle connecting piece that holds the shield/cockpit together can go down between the split apart arms. You have to make sure the head is flipped onto its shoulders and secured before finishing the first part of transformation. With another couple steps with unfolding flaps on both sides, you will have is jet mode.

    Combining his tank mode to jet mode is simple. Just detach the leg parts and make a few adjustments to the jet mode by flipping upwards the side flaps and attach the two pieces on both sides. To add the final touch to make this combined mode even more destructive, you attach the cannon onto the left side.

    I have yet to transform him into base mode. Not sure if I want to because he never had a base mode in the comic. In the cartoon he did. There are also compartments on his chest where you could place the target masters that were seen in the cartoon.

    A couple things I forgot to mention was that his torso has several built in weapons to make him even more menacing. The compartments are covered by what looks like missile launchers, a gun turret on his lower abdomen and multiple gun barrels. I also forgot to mention that he comes with two large swords that have a glossy black paint on them. In the comic series More Than Meets the Eye, he uses one of those blades to take out a main character by stabbing him through the torso.

    Overall, if you are a fan of the comic series or a major collector that likes collecting Transformers or an all out Transformers fan, get this figure. You will not be disappointed with Carnifex. He is a great character and figure. He is heavy and sturdy. The joints are tight and are not loose. There are ratchets that are nicely secured. When you handle him for the first time and hold him, you get a safe feeling knowing that this guy cannot break easily. Mastermind Creations put a lot of effort into creating Carnifex and sculpted him nicely. I have to give this figure ten energon cubes.

    So, if you are interested in buying a Carnifex to add to your growing collection like me, then buy from Toy Dojo. A really great online store that I can't recommend enough. I have been buying third party figures here so far and I have not been disappointed.


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