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Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-72 Megazord Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


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Product Description

Megazord sequence initiated!

Finally, the Megazord makes its long awaited debut in the Soul of Chogokin line with exquisite MMPR series inspired detail and a fully articulated combined mode capable of recreating the most dynamic poses from the show. And just like in the show, the five zords combine into the Beast Tank Dino Tanker form before the final transformation into the Megazord we all remember from the show over 20 years ago!

Each zord is also uniquely crafted with specially articulated gimmicks classic to the Soul of Chogokin line. Fans will not want to miss this over 10 inch, meticulously crafted die-cast enhanced masterpiece.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Megazord Sequence Has Been Initiated! Megazord Activated! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Sep 2017

    Go, go Power Rangers! That is the theme that goes through my head when I opened the Soul of Chogokin Megazord up. The detail on this is amazing. He's by far the best version of him out there. Forget the Legacy Megazord. The articulation, there's a lot of it. The weight of each Zord is heavier but that is to be expected with this figure. There's a lot of die cast too which is good, it makes the figure sturdy and heavy, where the original Megazord from the reviews I've seen, is made of plastic and the articulation is minimal. Each Zord has articulation. The Tyrannosaurus has the most articulation. The mouth and head can move. You can turn the torso. The arms are articulated as well as the claws. The tail has more movement as well. There's a compartment where you can store the cannons. There are no stickers. The original came with stickers galore, not this set. The detail's painted on and is nicely done. The weight of it is heavier than you would think. The Sabertooth Tiger is articulated as well. It's legs are not stiff and can move. The tail can extend and can retract for when you're about to transform it. The mouth can open and the head can move as well. The die cast is in the legs and tail. No stickers for this one as well. The Triceratops is articulated as well. The head can move and the mouth can open. Also, something that is not in the original, you can extend the legs and tank treads on both sides, making it look like its original source material from the television show. The Mastodon is unique. The trunk can move as well as the head. The die cast is in its legs. Something else has been added that was not on the original figure, foldable flaps. Before, the arms were exposed. With the flaps, the arms are hidden. The Pterodactyl is another nicely detailed piece. The die cast are in its wings, which makes it have a good amount of weight to it. The original toy was flimsy from one review I watched and did not have that metallic paint that was applied to this piece. Now onto tank mode, the song was going on in my head when I combined the Zords into this nostalgic mode I always remember seeing them go into in the first season. When the Zords are put together in this mode, it is heavy and has a really nice feel to it. The combination process is easy. Though there are some tricks added to make this unique. The foldable flaps can fold into top covers for the Megazord's shoulder pads. The dynamic look to the tank mode is spot on and realistic with the die cast and metallic look it shows off. Now switching into Megazord battle mode. This is it. The final transformation from tank mode to Megazord. Just like the show and the original toy, you can make it stand like the way it does. The cannons that I mentioned earlier clip onto the feet of the Mastodon and can be done again from tank mode to Megazord mode. Only it goes onto its back. The feet on the arms switch, revealing the Megazord's hands which too are articulated. Once the Pterodactyl is removed from the back of the tank mode, it attaches to the chest. The rest of the transformation is simple. Now the power sword is light as a feather and does not look like flimsy plastic. Instead, it has a metallic shiny look. The Mastodon head becomes the shield, which the handle can be pulled out. The Megazord can hold both the power sword and shield well, which makes it a morphinominal display piece. One suggestion to those who never handled this version, it is heavy. I would not put this on a very high shelf. Somewhere where pets or kids cannot get to it is better off. A glass shelf that can be closed and locked would be the perfect place or Soul of Chogokin Megazord. It may be expensive but it will make an awesome addition for your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection. Now if only the Dragonzord could be released as well as the other Zords from the first two seasons, it would be awesome.


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